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So what about my scars?

Scars are not really just "scars". They are many things to each patient. A really big study we are about to publish identified 5 main things about scars which bother the patient.

The biggest one is contour or raised bits and craters. Anyone who wears make up knows any such scar is impossible to hide with make up. Using tried and tested techniques we can actually flatten most scars.

Itch and pain in the scar means trouble is afoot. Many times, it means scars are about to become hypertrophic or even keloid. Seek help sooner than later. When scars are over joints or moving body parts, they may cause restricted movement. This is called functional impairment, and mandates the involvement of a specialist.

Texture is the way scars feel, in contrast to adjacent skin. Again, this means that it will reflect light differently and therefore appear differently.

Colour might seem an obvious one, but did you know most discolored scars are not pigmented? Press on the scar gently. If the redness goes away, this might be just due to tiny blood vessels still trying to heal the scar. Again, specific treatment is at hand to sort out.

Think scar, think skinsurgeon.



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