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We are delighted to accept referrals form both patients themselves as well as colleagues in various fields. Prof Azzopardi and his team will be more than happy to discuss patient management and offer advice with colleagues. 

We receive consultations at two principal hubs: 

Marylebone in London, catering for UK, and the USA

(Lead PA Ms Zoe Collins and team)


Malta: Catering for our esteemed local patients, the Middle East, the Russias and the Far East. (Ms Estelle Arcidiacono and team)


Consultation Languages

Prof Azzopardi is Fluent in English, Italian, Maltese, Basic French, Arabic and Spanish. Translation services can be arranged by prior appointment.  

We look forward to hearing from you


You can contact us by the following methods. 


Phones: 79675747 (Malta South) and 79976680 (Malta North) 

Instagram: #skinsurgeon

Practice Settings

Consultations and ALL interventions are strictly by appointment only. However we do offer remote consultations where appropriate to make sure we are the appropriate team to see you before embarking on your travels. All consultations are taken on a secure online platform. ​

Professor Azzopardi only practices in approved settings in line with current statutory requirements. Back up care is provided through appropriate arrangements with peers of good standing. Your safety is single mindedly our paramount interest, and we may decline to see you if we are not convinced that treating your request is not in your best interest.  

Contact Us On


Tel:356 79675747/+44 7933138881

Terms & Conditions

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