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The Team


Professor Azzopardi works with a leading team of colleagues to ensure effectiveness and safety of your journey. We are best when we network together. You are at the centre of our team. Everyone in our team, from our typists to our PA, and our nurses understand your requirement for an effective, discreet, efficient and safe journey through our service. Many of our patients indeed return to us lifelong as they trust each and every member to deliver their very best, each time, every time.  

From time to time, we take on Fellows who will sit in clinic to learn. All our fellows are qualified consultants in good standing, and we will be delighted to discuss this with you at any point. 

Our wider family includes colleagues in related fields who may contribute toward your care as part of a multidisciplinary team (MDT). This way the quality of your care is assured to the highest possible standard.  

Zoe Collins: Lead PA (UK)

Zoe is an integral part of the skinsurgeon team. After several years working across world leading institutions such as Cadogan Clinic; Phiclinic and across Harleystreet in Central London's exclusive medical district.


Ms Collins joined in 2021,becoming the backbone of our patient liaison in our Marylebone Base. Affable, knowledgeable and experienced Zoe embodies the essence of being a PA in a busy clinic in the middle of where it is all happening; her excellent liaison skills means that as your journey progresses, we will be always by your side. 

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