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I would like to say the Professor  Azzopardi is clearly one of the best scar/burns doctors in his field . He is so knowledgable and informative . I was immediately  put at ease on my first visit as I was in a bit of a state with my condition . He is also such a caring gentle doctor. I am already seeing and feeling results after just 2 visits- I really feel I am in the best hands - lucky to have been recommended to him .



I first met Prof Azzopardi in December 2019 for a consultation. Since then, I have been a dedicated patient of his and remained steadfast in my loyalty even during the COVID-19 pandemic when non-essential procedures were suspended for months on end. I followed him from his practice in the CadoganClinic, all the way to 152 Harley St and the London Welbeck. My dedication can be attributed to Professor Azzopardi's level of expertise, knowledge and utmost care. Key to his patient care is his genuine desire to better his patient's lives, which he does with unparalleled excellence and extraordinary medical expertise. Having him as my primary physician in the treatment of my scars is arguably one of the best medical decisions I have made


“Dr Azzopardi is incredibly thorough in diagnosing whatever issue patients like me present and his knowledge in the appropriate course of treatment gives me great confidence which is then represented in the amazing results. He is incredibly professional in his manner yet also makes the patient feel at ease. I have recommended him to many friends/family because my results have been so good with him.”


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