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Regeneration versus reconstruction

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Hello to our very first live blog at We would like to share with you these educational mini-posts to spread the word about the potential of lasers, using videos, clips, case studies and more.

Today we want to talk about the difference between regenerative surgery and reconstructive surgery. In reconstruction, the surgeon cuts, borrows, turns, and stitches things round to improve the patient's condition. It is a good technique which has been used for hundreds of years. Regeneration however, is a different ball game. Here the surgeon works with the body to achieve the desired result.

This photo shows a nipple-areola condition after gynecomastia (male breast surgery), and revision surgery done in a discount clinic in eastern europe/near asia. After the surgery, the patient attempted multiple surgeries to try and normalise the shape of the nipple and the heaped up scarring (hypertrophic scars). The unfortunate result was that part of the nipple was left behind, the scar got worse and the shape of the nipple resembled a start fish. Using laser surgery and highy specialist intrascar injections, the hypertrophic scars were softened, using laser to make the injections penetrate evenly. A sequence of lasers was then used to soften the area and reduce the post-inflammatory pigmentation, as well as get rid of the part of the nipple left behind, using wound healing responses to achieve all this.

Consultant-led and consultant-delivered, supported by an international team of allied health professionals. offers hope for intractable scarring within international guidelines.

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