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How to choose your laser surgeon

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Choosing your laser surgeon can be tricky business, as this area of medicine and surgery is unfortunately poorly regulated in some countries. We provide some tips for your safety.

Ask for any recent awards or accolades awarded and the reason why.

Ask specifically for their healthcare qualification, and if their are registered with the medical council in your country as a specialist

It is a MUST to demand their specific training in laser whilst certain procedures can safely be performed by qualified practitioners, consultants who specialise in laser procedures must do at least one post CCST fellowship. A fellowship is where the consultant devotes a period of their life exclusively performing a very narrow set of procedures, hundreds if not thousands of these procedures and get signed off. Not only so, but their fellowships need to be signed off by the country's medical council specialist advisory unit in that specialty.

Ask what THEIR success and complication rate is. They should be able to cite the published evidence for a procedure, and then cite THEIR success and complication rate.

No surgeon worth their salt will ever guarantee their procedure success rate. Surgery is a refined art, not a science. They should discuss with you the options (incuding surgery) their risks, benefits and implications in your personal circumstances. For bigger procedures, they should be able to offer a staged consenting process.

Ask whether your surgeon is registered with their relevant association in good standing, associations such as BAPRAS or BAAPS in the UK.

Ask whether your surgeon is involved in teaching and training, or an examiner for a specialism. This usually (but not always) implies a degree of expertise.

Any skin lesion that is on the change MUST be seen by a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist or a licensed expert in this field. NO PIGMENTED lesions, especially if they are on the change or associated with a new lump in the neck, the underarm or the groin should ever be lasered by a non-medically qualified person. You would not ask a plumber to sort out your TV, wouldn't you :)

At, we only and exclusively offer consultant led and consultant delivered laser options, whether for blepharoplasty, tummy tuck, bingo wings, double chin or banana folds, scarring and certain types of skin cancer.

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