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Research & Revalidation

Professor Azzopardi and Team's keen research interest ensures you are at the forefront of evidence-based treatment in a speciality which is rapidly updating itself. Practitioners in private practice often do not do much research. Professor Azzopardi not only enjoys international respect in the research world but also is revalidated in the UK 

What does revalidation mean? It means every 4 years, a specialist must prove that they are still in good standing with the regulator, up to date, and able to reflect and learn from their experiences. 


We strongly believes in teaching and passing on to the next generation of students our experience. Prof Azzopardi  has written extensive chapters in reference textbooks used by trainees. He has published extensively in international, high calibre scientific journals, and specialty leaders, and maintains an active research interest, as Chief investigator of several international studies. 

The QUANTICO project aims to provide a combined approach to the development of new and emerging technologies. Contact us on for more information


Latest on scarring. We are proud to announce that Professor Azzopardi and team's experience on scars has been recognized by the scientific community. Based on over 2550 scars treated, the Azzopardi ® classification of scars embeds a simple language through which doctors can speak to eachother, and, you can communicate clearly to your Doctor, what you wish to seek treatment about. 

Not only does this focus your doctor's mind to what really matters to you, but it also makes you aware of what aspects of the scar can be changed, the order through which they should be approached. 

Intellectual property


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Original Research Papers


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Role: primary author,  


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Books & Book Chapters             


Azzopardi EA (Ed.). UK Certification in Laser and High Energy Devices. Thieme Publishers International  (BAAPS Ed.) (in progress).  


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