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As part of our commitment to education to public and colleagues we have put up some resources for you to download and use. All we ask is that we are properly acknowledged.


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The Azzopardi Classification of Scars 2024: Discussion: Standardized terminology enhances patient care, communication, and research. This study underscores the fundamental question of "what bothers the patient," reviving a patient-centred approach to scar management. By prioritizing themes based on patient complaints, this study innovatively integrates function, aesthetics, and patient experience. In conclusion, this study pioneers a paradigm shift in scar management by presenting a patient-driven theme framework that offers a common language for healthcare professionals and patients. Embracing this language harmonizes scar treatment, fosters innovation, and transforms scars from silent reminders into stories of resilience and healing.

Download the Azzopardi Scoresheet Here 

Presentation coming soon. 

The Azzopardi Classification of Chromophores
Journal of Controlled Rel. Impact 11.5 

Background: Chromophore-containing molecules feature extensively in surgical practice, with synthetic dyes gaining popularity over endogenous optical adjuncts. New applications for chromophores in diagnostics and operative treatment exploit unique chemical structures suited for illuminating target tissues beyond the visual spectrum, ranging from ultraviolet (UV) to near-infrared (NIR). This review outlines the rationale for surgical chromophore application, the weaknesses and risks in each class of these compounds, and areas of foreseeable potential for employment of specialized contrast agents. In short, if you know what you are targeting, you can expect to predict your settings, 


Read the full article Here

Predicting how many sessions you will need to removing a tattoo. 
Removing a tattoo can be difficult painful and expensive. The number of sessions you need will be dictated by a test patch and also by the location on the body, the amount of ink, the presence of scars, and the number of layered tatoos.  in general it is wise to predict a number of sessions using this online calculator Bear in mind that actually this still needs to take into effect the Type of Surrounding skin. 
Calculate the number of sessions here

Safety checklist when going for a laser treatment. 

It can be very difficult to choose wisely, where you should go for laser treatment. Here is a checklist you can take with you and ask your practitioner. 

1. Are you medically qualified. What is your doctor's registration number?

2. Are you on the specialist register in dermatology or plastic surgery?

3. Do you have a laser fellowship? (a laser fellowship is a period of time after the consultant certification where the doctor only does one particulart area of interest, s/he does a shedload of cases under expert mentorship). 

4. What is your complication rate?

5. Can you deal with any complication you may inflict!

Safety checlist when going for an injectable treatment

1. Are you a medically qualified practitioner? 

    In Malta only a licensed doctor is legally allowed to prescribe and administer botulinum toxin. Getting your botox done from amny        other person means they are likely not insured and should things go wrong you are likely not covered

2. Ask the practitioner to show you the sealed box of dermal filler. Medical grade filler should have a CE marking with lot batch and expiry. NEVER EVER accept an open syringe- it could cost you your life, if it is used and the previous person has an infection. 

3. Ask what experience and training the practitioner has. If it is a 2 day course and off we go set up, think very hard about proceeding.


4. Ask if your practitioner is the same person prescribing the injections and if not, why not.  

5. Ask if your practitioner will be able to deal with complications if things go wrong. 


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